Our Products

3D Eagle Press

This Wemhoener 3D Eagle is designed to run both membrane-less and membrane pressings.Thermoplastic foils such as PVC and PET are mainly used. Special grades such as High Gloss can also be processed at a highest quality lever. The same also refers to high quality three-dimensional applications of veneer, Linoleum or Kydex. The compact line comes custom-made from one- to two table design. It leads you to the ultimate combination of flexibility and productivity – A press line for manufacturing individual small series and solitary components.


Short Cycle Press

The superiority of Wemhoener short-cycle press lines can be seen in the quality of the end product and in their flexbility in use with surface and substrate materials. Even when using the maximum pressing area, minimum thickness tolerances are guaranteed across the entire surface of the material being pressed.
Customised Wemhoener software allows immediate production changeover without time-consuming set-up time. From feeding to storage, with SPS and an overriding computer connection, Wemhoener offers complete automation and visualisation of the production process.


Throughfeed Press

The Wemhoener Throughfeed Press Lines in single-daylight execution are ideal for the value adding process of laminating woodbased panel with veneer, finish foil or HPL/CPL. They are mainly used for the production of materials for the door, panel, furniture and flooring induatry. Both the entry level models and the fully automated systems can be equipped to provide the utmost flexibility for small to large series production.